My Rear View Camera

After having a camera in my previous 2 vehicles, I was definitely missing it in the Jeep. I debated over several options, but ending up going with the BrandMotion 990-8838.

I did not want to drill into my bumper, and I didn’t want to use a license plate mount. So basically it came down to BrandMotion or Raxiom.

Some people on the forums had issues with the Raxiom mount rusting or flaking. The posts about flaking and rusting with Raxiom were a concern, and the bracket itself only fits a bullet camera. The BrandMotion mount mounts a square camera. If I was ever to get one of those high end Alpine cameras, they are square, and should be able to mount on the same Brandmotion bracket.

Raxiom mount – $59 + have to pay shipping
Boss Cam22 – $24 with Prime shipping
PAC CHYRVD Rear Video Retention Cable – $27 with primeShipping
Cables To Go 29507 – $5 with prime

That puts the total at $115, not including shipping.

BrandMotion 990-8838 is listed at $250. However there were many posts on about either a 25% or 20% discount. The codes were no longer valid, but i contacted BrandMotion and they matched the price. $199.95 with free shipping. The dealer already said they would install the camera and flash the 430N.  BrandMotion said I didn’t need any extra attachments. 

So I paid more for BrandMotion.  However, I had posted on a few forums and everyone loved their BrandMotion mount.

I debated between the 9002-8838 & the 9002-8848 because the latter has the lines on the camera, whereas the one I got does not. However as I have seen posted in other threads, the BrandMotion rep said the 8838 has the better camera. Also I dont plan on replacing the factory wheels, so i dont need an adjustable bracket. And I thought over time the adjustable part might not be as good as the one that is a solid piece.

This is the one I got:

BrandMotion 9002-8838

That was in June of 2016, and it is still going strong.  I have had it connected to the factory 430N, three different Joying units, two Seicane units, a Sony, and one Dasaita Hot Audio.  I paid a little more, but I am happy with my purchase. 

Some pics:


First Audio Upgrades


As noted in My Jeep, I originally had the 430N head unit, and the base audio 8 speaker system.  I was thoroughly underwhelmed by all pieces of the system.  The sound quality was poor, and it didn’t get very loud at all.  The head unit itself was clunky, and I didn’t care for the screen quality or the user interface. 

At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to replace the head unit, I thought I would give it a shot at keeping it looking stock.  So I decided to just replace the speakers first.   As mentioned previously I added a few items as part of my initial purchase:

  • Remote Start
  • Hard Top Headliners
  • Kicker Subwoofer

I will go into more detail for each of these later in other posts.  Hopefully, I will remember to come back and update that list with links to the articles.

It is worth noting that prior to purchasing this Jeep, I had never do any audio upgrades on my own.  I always paid shops to do it, and more often than not, I was not satisfied with price or quality.  So with my Jeep, I was going to make a real effort to do things myself.

So at first, I was looking for good quality, good price, and an easy install.  After reading tons of threads various Jeep forums, there seemed to be a consensus that the Mopar 77KICK10 speakers were pretty good.  I bought the Kicker speakers on my own from Quadratec.

I bought 2 pair to replace all 4 speakers in the Jeep. Amazon had them cheaper, but it was not Prime and it was from some random Auto Wholesale or something. However I called Quadratec and they matched the price and had free shipping. So all four are on their way for $138.

The specs on the speakers are kind of hard to find, other than they are 6.5 inch two-way replacement speakers.  They are made by Kicker, but sold as a Mopar part.   And ashamedly I must admit I bought into some of the marketing mumbo jumbo that Kicker/Mopar put out about how it is specifically tuned for the Wrangler.  From the Quadratec page:

Thanks to Mopar’s association with Kicker, you can now upgrade your vehicle’s factory speakers with high-quality two-way replacements. And best of all, Kicker speakers, Subwoofers, and Amplifiers have all been designed specifically for Jeep vehicles, so you get automotive sound the way it was intended. Because Kicker speakers and upgrade packages have been designed specifically for your vehicle, they install quickly and easily

I had already added the Kicker sub as part of my purchase, and it was quite pricey.  I figured I might as well go all in on Kicker.  Most Jeep forums seem pretty decided that the 77KICK10’s are a great upgrade. $138 was a relatively cheap price, and although the front install looked a bit complicated, the soundbar seemed like it would be super easy.

When I got my speakers came in I was impressed with Quadratec and Mopar packaging:

Very secure, not much chance of getting damaged. Shipping was pretty fast, but I was dying for them to get here and of course we had a mini-monsoon as soon as they arrived.

So I didn’t get to start working on it until I was running low on daylight.  I only replaced the Soundbar at first.

Old Speakers:
New Speakers:
Side by side pic:

At this point it was getting dark, and I already had an appointment with the dealer to install my backup camera, remote start, and kicker subwoofer.  So I knew they would have to take the dash apart.  I asked and they said they would go ahead an install the front two 77KICK10 speakers for me.

Jeep Phone Mount

When I first got my Jeep, it had the 430N head unit, 8 speaker, base audio system. With the 430N, it was easier to have a dash mounted phone holder. Originally I had a 3 piece system for my phone mount.

  1. PanaVise InDash Mount 75105-2008
  2. iBOLT AMPS Adapter Plate
  3. iBOLT xProDock holder

The system works pretty well.  The Panavise securely mounts to the 430N screws, and has holes to screw in the iBOLT AMPS Adapter Plate, which has a ball mount to attach the iBOLT xProDock holder.

PanaVise InDash Mount 75105-2008:





 iBOLT AMPS Adapter Plate:







iBOLT xProDock holder:













To install the PanaVise and iBolt, you have to take the dash off to get to the radio.  First remove this screw:







Then remove the piece under the steering wheel:







I didn’t get pics of this part, but remove the window controls and the A/C vents and you should be able to pull the whole upper dash off to expose the radio:







The Panavise mounts under the screws that hold the radio in:

With the dash back on

With the dash off











Then you connect the 2nd piece of the PanaVise mount to the ball mount for the iBolt:














Then the nub like bolts on the 2nd PanaVise piece attach to the piece mounted to the radio:


















PanaVise fully put together with the added ball mount:







Next, add the iBolt:













The official PanaVise site is:

However PanaVise charges a lot for shipping, so I found it on TSS-Radio:

TSS has a terrible pic, and what looks like an old Chrysler. However it is the same part number from Panavise, which says it fits on the 2016 Wranger Unlimited.

iBolt AMPS Adapter Plate:

iBOLT xProDock holder

More Freedom Edition Pics

Here are some more pics of my Jeep. In case you all have not seen the 2016 Freedom Edition. It looks a little different than the previous Oscar Mike editions.

My Jeep


So after lurking on numerous forums and wanting a Jeep for years, I finally bought a Wrangler last year. My car history has been like this:

1993 F-150
1997 F-150
2010 VW Passat
2011 Cadillac CTS
2015 Chrysler 300C

I wanted a Jeep before I went to the 300, but that car is so good looking, I pulled the trigger. And that is a great car, that I still have. I was still dying for a Jeep though. So I got a used 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit with the Hemi.

It was nice, but literally the day I got it, in my head I go, “my next vehicle will be a Wrangler”. Then like an omen, that JGC blew up before my return period. Started making noises, smoking big time, and leaking transmission fluid. So I took it back.

I originally wanted a Back Country, but that’s pretty pricey, and there were none around here. I just figured I would look around and I found a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Freedom Edition. It was at the same dealership that I got the 300 from, and I liked them. So I went to test drive and fell in love. I’m not much a negotiator/haggler, but I did look on True Car and it was already priced cheaper than what True Car said was a good price. Only a 151 miles on it. So I took it for a weekend test drive, and never looked back.

This is my first Jeep Wrangler, and even though both the Caddy and 300 were gorgeous to look at, this is the first time I have driven something and just felt like, “this is the one for me.” I can’t imagine driving anything else at this point.

A year+ later and I’m still in love with it:

Originally it had the 430N, which I have since replaced:

As I was saying, to start with it had the 430N head unit, base audio 8 speaker system(not the Premium Alpine system). My previous ride was the aforementioned 2015 Chrysler 300C Platinum which has the 19 speaker 900 watt Harman Kardon upgrade package, and sounds absolutely amazing.


The sounds in the Jeep definitely needed an upgrade!

As a part of the deal, I had the dealer add these 3 Mopar items:

Remote Start, Same as Production – Part # 82213625AC:

Hard Top, Headliners – Part #: 82212464AC

Kicker Single 10″ 200W Sub Subwoofer – Part # 77KCK052

On the Kicker VSS site they have more options, but this subwoofer was the only one listed on the Mopar site for the 2016, so the Dealer wouldn’t add the more advanced Kicker system to the deal.

(don’t worry, I’m adding it later)

However after reading about 500 pages on various forms, I bought the Kicker speakers on my own:

MOPAR® Kicker Audio Speaker Upgrade, Kikcer 6.5″ 2-way Speakers (77KICK10)

I bought 2 pair to replace all 4 speakers in the Jeep. Amazon had them cheaper, but it was not Prime and it was from some random Auto Wholesale or something.

Originally, I thought I needed a phone holder. So I ordered a 3 piece system.

The Panavise 751052008attaches to the head unit.  However Panavise charges a lot for shipping, so I found it on TSS-Radio:

Panavise InDash Mount 75105-2008

TSS has a terrible pic, and what looks like an old Chrysler. However it is the same part number from Panavise, which says it fits on the 2016 Wranger Unlimited.

The Panavise securely mounts to the 430N screws, and has holes to screw in the iBOLT AMPS Adapter Plate.

Which has a ball mount to attach the iBOLT xProDock holder.

I also ordered a Covercraft UVS100 SunShield from

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