After having a camera in my previous 2 vehicles, I was definitely missing it in the Jeep. I debated over several options, but ending up going with the BrandMotion 990-8838.

I did not want to drill into my bumper, and I didn’t want to use a license plate mount. So basically it came down to BrandMotion or Raxiom.

Some people on the forums had issues with the Raxiom mount rusting or flaking. The posts about flaking and rusting with Raxiom were a concern, and the bracket itself only fits a bullet camera. The BrandMotion mount mounts a square camera. If I was ever to get one of those high end Alpine cameras, they are square, and should be able to mount on the same Brandmotion bracket.

Raxiom mount – $59 + have to pay shipping
Boss Cam22 – $24 with Prime shipping
PAC CHYRVD Rear Video Retention Cable – $27 with primeShipping
Cables To Go 29507 – $5 with prime

That puts the total at $115, not including shipping.

BrandMotion 990-8838 is listed at $250. However there were many posts on about either a 25% or 20% discount. The codes were no longer valid, but i contacted BrandMotion and they matched the price. $199.95 with free shipping. The dealer already said they would install the camera and flash the 430N.  BrandMotion said I didn’t need any extra attachments. 

So I paid more for BrandMotion.  However, I had posted on a few forums and everyone loved their BrandMotion mount.

I debated between the 9002-8838 & the 9002-8848 because the latter has the lines on the camera, whereas the one I got does not. However as I have seen posted in other threads, the BrandMotion rep said the 8838 has the better camera. Also I dont plan on replacing the factory wheels, so i dont need an adjustable bracket. And I thought over time the adjustable part might not be as good as the one that is a solid piece.

This is the one I got:

BrandMotion 9002-8838

That was in June of 2016, and it is still going strong.  I have had it connected to the factory 430N, three different Joying units, two Seicane units, a Sony, and one Dasaita Hot Audio.  I paid a little more, but I am happy with my purchase. 

Some pics: