When I first got my Jeep, it had the 430N head unit, 8 speaker, base audio system. With the 430N, it was easier to have a dash mounted phone holder. Originally I had a 3 piece system for my phone mount.

  1. PanaVise InDash Mount 75105-2008
  2. iBOLT AMPS Adapter Plate
  3. iBOLT xProDock holder

The system works pretty well.  The Panavise securely mounts to the 430N screws, and has holes to screw in the iBOLT AMPS Adapter Plate, which has a ball mount to attach the iBOLT xProDock holder.

PanaVise InDash Mount 75105-2008:





 iBOLT AMPS Adapter Plate:







iBOLT xProDock holder:













To install the PanaVise and iBolt, you have to take the dash off to get to the radio.  First remove this screw:







Then remove the piece under the steering wheel:







I didn’t get pics of this part, but remove the window controls and the A/C vents and you should be able to pull the whole upper dash off to expose the radio:







The Panavise mounts under the screws that hold the radio in:

With the dash back on

With the dash off











Then you connect the 2nd piece of the PanaVise mount to the ball mount for the iBolt:














Then the nub like bolts on the 2nd PanaVise piece attach to the piece mounted to the radio:


















PanaVise fully put together with the added ball mount:







Next, add the iBolt:













The official PanaVise site is:


However PanaVise charges a lot for shipping, so I found it on TSS-Radio:


TSS has a terrible pic, and what looks like an old Chrysler. However it is the same part number from Panavise, which says it fits on the 2016 Wranger Unlimited.

iBolt AMPS Adapter Plate:

iBOLT xProDock holder